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Clean Water For Guatemala

Simpson Ma
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In 2010, C&O Apparel participated in the Weekend to End Women’s Cancer. Our team of 30 colleagues and friends collectively raised over $120,000 for the event. Walking 60 km over two days was not easy, but I'm very proud of our team for committing and following through. I personally thank you again for your generous support at that time. 
We have now found another meaningful cause that we would like to share with you.
This time we are fundraising for the Run for H2O on Saturday, June 16 at Riverfront Park. 

In March, my son Anthony visited Talaxcoc, Guatemala and spent a week there to learn more about the people there. The village is on the mountain and there is no water supply.  Each day villagers carry jars of water, multiple times a day, filled from the river and bring it back up their mountain village for their daily use. They spend up to 6-8 hours a day getting water. Anthony tried it out one day and he said the jar when filled with water was heavy.  But this is their normal routine!  Anthony said he did not shower for the 6 days he was there, because he could not trouble the villagers to bring the precious river water up the mountain for him.  He is a witness of how difficult life is without water.

Can you imagine there are people who grew up without water in their homes!  We are very lucky to live in Canada.  Water is plentiful here. There is no worry about contaminated water supply; and I have never imagined how inconvenient life is if I turn on the tap and there is no water coming out from the tap permanently.  To me, a shower is not a luxury.  And washing my car with running water is never a concern. 

Please follow this link if you want to see photos of Anthony and read more of his story: . He is organizing the event as the race director this year.

Please join me in helping to make a dream come true, to build a direct water supply system for the families in Talaxcoc, Guatemala. When every one of us gives out a little effort, it will very soon make a whole village of people smile!

I am very proud to say that as of today , there are already 25 colleagues and friends joining our C&O team . As a matter of fact , my 87 years old dad, Mr. Lai Lun Ma also join me in this 5 KM walk .

You can support in 2 ways (NO PRESSURE):

1) Join our C&O Apparel Fundraising team - Follow this link to our team page and follow the instructions for registration.

2) Donate - If you can't make the event, simply go to my personal fundraising page here: and make a donation as you see fit.

For more information on the event, cause, and charity, check out

Thank you!
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Jun 16, 2018 9:00 AM
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Vancouver 2018

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