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Last month. I lead a group of amazing students ona volunteer trip to visit the community of Talaxcoc in Guatemala to see first hand what it was like for families living without clean water. For many of us our goal was to help people that are suffering by spending time listening and learning about their way of life so that we can come back and raise money to help get them the resources needed to build a water system. 

One of the main ways we did this was by walking with these families and learning about what life is like for them. We split into groups and walked  up and down the mountain-side with mothers and children walking hours just to get to the river. . The hike was hard on the knees and legs, and not exactly the safest. There was no paved walkway to follow, rather having to find footing overtop piles of dry, slippery leaves. Once we finally reached the waters, more physical work had to be done. Wading into the river, we helped with laundry — rubbing soap into the clothes before scrubbing the fabric hard upon the rocks to wash away the dirt and stains. With the sun strongly beating down on us and having to awkwardly bend down to manually wash, the gruelling task added to our already fatigued nature from the long hike down just to get there.

After laundry was completed, we filled up all our water jugs and made the walk back up. In Vancouver, the Grouse Grind is considered a conquest — with its many suitors setting out to surpass their previous personal bests. In Talaxcoc, hiking up a gruelling uphill path for an hour while carrying a 15-pound jug of water is a means of survival.

The entire expedition took us two hours — one hour each way — after which, we learned that many women and sometimes children would have to go the same route … about four times per day! Do the math. That’s eight hours daily spent just getting water. Imagine how vastly their lives would be altered by a water system, allowing them to have clean water in their homes.

My hope and my prayer is that you feel compelled to help this community and these young families so they can live healthy lives like they deserve. As little as $100 would help one person get clean water for the rest of their lives. It's hard to fathom but thats one of the most profound things you will ever be able to do with just 100$. Whatever you can give we would be so grateful. 

Thank you.

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Jun 16, 2018 9:00 AM
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Vancouver 2018

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